"Read, Play, Speak!" (Grammar 1) - self-study

For all you beginners - creating a solid basis!

Course Summary

- 8 weeks of scheduled learning
- video lessons and games
- daily assignments
- chat group for discussions

Course Curriculum

Alisa Zingerman

The Hebrew Hub students

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This course provided the foundation and confidence that I needed to move on to intermediate level Hebrew courses and beyond. Absolutely the best format and value to jump-start Hebrew study. Best teacher ever!

When learning a new language you need to feel secured because you are trying and sometimes it can be very challenging ! So what is GREAT with Alisa Zingerman Classes is that not only the materials and the lively way she shares her clever understanding of the Hebrew language but also the friendly atmosphere which surrounds all the learners. It takes a talent and she has it like a natural. Toda raba lakh !

Right speed, right amount of material to digest at one time Every detail explained, from Adam and Eve, no such a thing as stupid or too many question, fantastic teacher

Alisa has a fun way about her that removes the feeling that one is taking a class, or doing homework. although one is actually doing just that. improve you hebrew - take alisa's hand in yours - she will guide you down the labyrinth of modern hebrew. and put a smile on your face while the language dragon slowly devours you.

I definitely recommend taking this course with Alisa, she really knows how to put so many different vocabulary and verbs together for the students, so we can fill up our brain with so much hebrew; so if you want to get ready to continue learning hebrew, then Alisa is ready for you as well.

"A good teacher knows how to bring out the best in the student", and Alisa is one of those few good teachers. I wondered if I will ever read Hebrew because every time I tried to learn I found tough to concentrate and forgot. But Alisa made is so simple and interesting. Toda Rabba!!!