"Tenses Rollercoaster" (Grammar 3) self-study

Nailing those tenses!

Course Summary

— Past and Future for all verb groups
— Past and future for all personal pronouns
— Imperative
— How to say "I would like to"
— What is "smikhut"
— different ways to express passive

Course Curriculum

Alisa Zingerman

Karina Bharne

The Hebrew Hub student

My husband is a native Hebrew speaker, having moved to the US after his military service. After taking both Alissa's Grammar 2 and 3 courses, he is astounded at how much I have improved in the past two months. The courses are organized well and follow a logical progression. As with any course, you can put as much or as little in it as you like (depending on your schedule throughout the week, which varies for me due to my works schedule). The final assignment, writing your own advice column, was very creative!