Hebrew Handwriting - can you read it?!

Learn to read sloppy Hebrew handwriting in just 3 days!

Course Summary

- Couldn't read the handwritten signs while in Israel?  
Just 3 days - and you'll learn the trick and will be able to read anything!

- Have you noticed that language learners' writing looks like a child' writing?
Learn to "fake it" - learn to write like a native!

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Alisa Zingerman

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about the course

I really enjoyed learning the Hebrew alphabet. I wanted to do something a bit different and thought that a completely different alphabet would be interesting and challenging. I looked online to see what was available in terms of courses and found Alisa. She is fantastic! Her course was great, she was great and through her course I learned that Hebrew is definitely for me. I will be sticking with The Hebrew Hub for my journey into this beautiful language.