30 day challenge!
Right after Passover - April 25th to May 25th

Course Curriculum

How will this challenge help you
improve your listening skills?

Every day, for 30 days, you will receive a 1-2 min audio clip. 

Every day you will:
1) listen to the audio clip  
2) write down what you hear.  
3) check yourself against the transcript.

This is it! Super simple – and super effective system!
Imagine yourself doing this simple exercise for 30 days in a row - your listening comprehension skills will skyrocket!!!
 Plus – that's not all, there are many bonuses along the way

- expanding your vocabulary
- getting a deeper cultural understanding    
- working on your pronunciation
- connecting to other Hebrew-learners!  

See for yourself – 
the first day is open for preview!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- You have lifelong access to the materials!

- Certainly! Just jump back in and you can come back to the days you skipped later on. 

- First - look at the first unit that has a preview - it gives a good indication of the course level. Then, I'd say that any student from upper beginner would benefit from the course - you just get from it as much as your current level allows, that is, and maybe later it will be fun to come back to the course materials as a way to measure your progress. :)

There are no Zoom lessons - the course is not strictly time-zone bound. It's best if you do the daily assignments on the day they are posted - but it's not a must! You can skip a day or several days - and it's ok! The materials won't "disappear" - they are available for you at the platform and will stay yours forever! :)

Via text chat! It's a stress-free listening comprehension course, when all the feedback and the communication is happening in the text chat - most flexible and time-friendly. The text chat group serves two main purposes - staying in touch with the learners, answering questions, and as a daily reminder that a new learning unit has arrived. 

More questions? I'd be happy to answer!
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